Stock Footage for Casablanca

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Stock Footage for Casablanca

Postby JBrooks » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:41 pm

Royalty Free HD and 4K Stock Footage Available for Commercial Use.

Moments In Time Video Productions is proud to present a collection of high quality royalty free HD and 4K stock footage available for commercial use.

I have spent many hours in the field gathering this unique collection of stock footage.
Shot with professional broadcast video cameras.

This stock footage collection is ideal for the following purposes:

1. Video Backgrounds for graphic overlays.
2. B-roll footage to enhance the storytelling and creative aspect of your production.
3. Corporate-Industrial production projects.
4. TV Broadcast applications.
5. Documentaries.
6. Advertising.
7. Media Content for special effects.
8. Product Promos.
9. Trade Shows.
10. Marketing and Creative Services.

The stock footage segments are available in the following
video codec file extensions:


The HD segments are mastered in 1920 X 1080-30p.
The 4K segments are mastered in 4096 X 2160-24p.

License cost per category segment: $875.00
License cost for the complete library collection: $1,750.00

The Stock Footage is available on a USB Flash Drive.

Stock Footage Categories:

1. Lightning HD:

2. Texas Bluebonnets 4K:

3. Time-Lapse Clouds HD:

4. Evening Clouds & Sunset HD:

5. Fall Foliage HD:

6. Full Moon HD:

7. Southern Plains Images HD:

8. Winter Weather HD:

9. Storm Clouds HD:
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