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exporting mts format

Postby jpbarthe » Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:23 am

in mm, i'm having difficulty exporting my 94 minute film in mts format to a usb or mass storage device. i want to archive the format in which i filmed the event. in my last attempt to export, it shows that 94 minutes were exported, but there are 10 minutes of the actual scene missing, and no sound! there was a few seconds of sound at the beginning and then no more. the quality definetly was not HD. there is plenty of space on the storage devices. I used WD Passport and a PNY usb.

i also tried to export as a back up in bogart 4.1g, s4100, but it only did14 minutes.

wondering what steps i am missing.

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Re: exporting mts format

Postby JBrooks » Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:46 pm

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Currently, the MTS back-up feature does not work in Bogart 3.6 or higher. This is a known issue with MS & will be fixed.

1. Until then I recommend if your footage & project is 1920 X 1080, export the storyboard to media manager. It is VERY imprtant to check the MPEG Convert ON before you export to media manager or you will lose audio in your project after a few seconds.
Once the footage or storyboard is inside media manager, select the very first drop down choice called "MPEG Direct .avi" This will be a "lossless" copy of your footage. You can then simply export the storyboard out via USB or disc.

2. A second option is to use the "HDV" project back-up method; ideally for HDV footage (1440 X 1080i)

3. If you have Bogart 4.1g, then you could utilize the new "option" icon on the lower right screen area. First make a "scene" of your storyboard then open the "option" icon and select exprt scene, then it will export in a slightly more compressed mpeg .avi file format.

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