Help in camera decision(s)...

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Help in camera decision(s)...

Postby stonepatterson » Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:02 pm

I am a 'poor' film-maker. Always looking for best image/audio as CHEAPLY as possible. Last year I bought a Sony HDR-PJ790. Loved the size of camera, picture, etc. HOWEVER. The camera is 60p or 60i. To edit on my S6000, I had to shoot everything in 60i (24 Mbps). There were some minor problems, but over all, image looked good. NOW, I look at the new FDR-AX33 4K. I know that my editing system will not handle 4K, or even XAVC S 1920 X 1080p /30 fps, however, this camera does do AVCHD 1920 X 1080p / 30 fps (@ 28 Mbps). Currently, my work goes directly to DVD, BluRay or internet.
Question #1 -- Is there a non expensive way to convert XAVC S 4K to AVCHD 1080p? So I can take the 1080p footage and edit on my current S6000 system? The files are smaller and thus faster to edit (in 1080p than 4K). Is there a direct way to thus, from camera to WHAT? to the S6000?
#2 -- Is it true, that if you shoot in 4K (on the Sony FDR-AX33 @ 100 Mbps) and convert footage down to 1080p the image will be superior in the 1080p than if shot in 1080p? Maybe a higher 50 to 60 Mbps?
#3 -- With file storage, such as UHS-I SDXC (64GB @ $29.95) memory card(s) (used by the Sony FDR-AX33) and hard drive(s) -- prices continue to drop, I like the idea of shooting in 4K (100 Mbps) while keeping the unedited 4K footage on a hard drive, and marketing out the 1080p edit on bluray (or as internet content). Question, is the 100 Mbps @ 4k worth it (to keep on file for possible future use)? Looking at much more expensive cameras (way out of my price range) like the AJA Cion @ 454 Mbps (444), but also considering that 1080p @ 50 Mbps is the standard for 'broadcast quality'.
In 2004, I lost a shot at marketing ($$$$), had great footage -- but, it was shot in 'Pro' DVcam. I do not want to end up repeating the same mistake; based upon the quality of footage in 2015/16. Thanks for ANY feedback and comments... I have received good advice in the past.
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