CB Paint 2 better as a Package Deal?

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CB Paint 2 better as a Package Deal?

Postby ParisFox1 » Wed Mar 11, 2009 7:19 am

I seem to notice that CB Paint in general as a software did better when MSDE and MSUS bundled it as a package deal rather than a direct sale. It was just too expensive and intimidating as a direct sale. If they took the software and bundled it with let say the S-4100 or even my S-4000 Pro, giving those who bought the S-4000 Pro a big discount, I think and feel the software would do better.

Back in the day when CB Paint came out we did not have the CASABLANCAEXPERT.COM to help us learn the software. Now we do. It would not be in the best interest of MSDE to let this priceless piece of software which, in my opinion is more powerful, excluding Quadcam, of all of the offerings of softwares combined and to me has been a pleasure and joy to use and own.

Please MSDE and MSUS, after you fix the bugs and get the other softwares rolling off the assembly line, making the customer base happy, REVISIT CB Paint 2, rewrite it for Bogart SE 2 and sell it as part of buying your FLAGSHIP machines. This is what will save CB paint 2.
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