Welcome -- please complete your Profile

Glad you made it to our new Casablanca Forum! Please read this folder for pertinent data and registration instructions to join the community!

Welcome -- please complete your Profile

Postby chetdavis » Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:53 pm

Greetings and once again welcome to our new Forum!

I would encourage you to visit your User Control Panel (link at top left of each Forum Page) and to please fill-in your 'Profile' information.

In particular I would request you complete the Location (where you live/work) and your interests. If you have a website, there is a place for that too. You'll note your Casablanca unit/s already appear there as you entered them upon Forum registration.

I do believe we off to a great start with most folks registering with their full name - I do believe this helps foster a friendlier, more professional online community. I have adjusted the setting that will enable you to go back in to your User Control Panel and change your Username (this is found under 'Edit Account Settings'). If you did not register with your full name you can now go back and do that.

Again, glad to 'see' you here on our new home... to the helpful posts I admonish them to be fruitful and multiply :)
Happy Spring to all
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